Italian Plaster:
Using plaster, this texture can be applied heavy or subtely depending on the desired effect. A thick dramatic layer is great for wine cellars and small accented spaces. A soft almost flat layer works best to create drama and depth in any space. After the plaster is applied a signature glaze is then washed over the plaster in the desired tint.
Ornamental Plaster and Stenciling:
Raised plaster in the shape of a specific ornamental pattern. When used consistantly a wallpaper effect can be acheived for a unique damask look.
Old World Glaze/Colorwash:
These finishes are produced using a water-based glaze over an eggshell basecoat to produce subtly aging variations of color. Antiquity Designs' signature application adds depth and a romantic feel to any room.
Using an oil-based glaze for wood trim, cabinets, carved moldings, and more, this technique accentuates architectual elements. Perfect for kitchen cabinetry. An anitique finish can revitalize any existing kitchen making it look brand new, or authentically old.
Strie / Dragging:
Derived from the techniques of wood graining, this soft vertical transluscent glage adds color and texture, lines are dragged combing glaze down the walls. Great for childrens rooms. Only can be used in rooms with smooth walls.
Stone Finishes:
Subtle deception for any surface, the stone elements we create can be physically molded using faux stone, or created with the illusion of paint .Great in foyers or wine cellars! This dramatic effect is suitable in even the most strange places.
Be it furniture, cabinetry, doors, or trim, any wood element of your home may be distressed. Using our spontaneous balance of abuse, we take care to hold on to the integrity of the piece we are working on while giving it true character. A sense of time past gives any well-used and loved piece appeal.
Vertical Stripes:
Vertical Stripes can add a dramatic, rich effect to any room .